Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hi, thanks for checking out the blog.  Funcode is the name I’ve given my small game development operation consisting of myself and whomever is kind enough to work with me on fun projects.

Funcode is my passion; it represents a lifelong desire I’ve had to make games and software with small, personal teams, without the stresses or hassles of the corporate environment.  It’s more than a hobby for me; it’s a commitment and a fulfillment of a dream.

I’ll spare you the cheesy bio for now.  In my quest to achieve my goal of being able to wake up whenever I want, I’ve created three apps for the iPhone so far:

PhotoToons – allows you to add cartoony “stickers” to your photos as well as paint them, and save them to your image library.  My artist friend did most of the artwork for the stamps.

Crab Crawl – A fun “never-ending-falling”-style game in which you play a crab who is desperately trying to avoid getting caught.  Along the way you encounter all sorts of hazards and bonuses.  This was my first iPhone game and I had a blast working on it.  You can check out a video here.  My girlfriend can take credit for the art, and her good friend Bernadette Choy provided the great music.

Dave and Steve’s Droppings – This is a promotional app I made for my friend’s humorous podcast (The Dave and Steve Show).  This friend also happens to be the artist behind PhotoToons.  This app is like a soundboard that lets you play a big selection of audio clips from the show (mostly potty humor), from each of the hosts.  It also lets you queue up multiple sound clips and play them in a row, completely out of context and offensive, of course.

I’m currently working on a new game that I’m prototyping on the Windows Phone 7 emulator, but very seriously considering developing on the iPhone initially.  I’ll announce more details once I feel it’s worthy of an unveiling.

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