Friday, August 23, 2013

Ludum Dare 27

I have a hard time fully committing to game jams these days, unfortunately.  But I'm going to give an honest stab at LD27 because I'm sick of having a trail of failed game jams behind me.

There was my entry for LD25, Indoctrination, which I shouldn't have even submitted because it was unfinished.  It was an attempt as a propaganda game for rationalism, but with such an important message I really shouldn't give it a half effort.

Then there was my entry for LD22, Loner Jetman, an homage to Solar Jetman.  I was disappointed in myself for spending so little effort on this entry (about 10 hours of work), yet at the same time I was happy to see how much can be accomplished in 10 hours in Unity.

There were other jams that I started without anything ever really materialized.

Anyway, with 20 minutes remaining until the jam, I need to quickly set up a BitBucket repository, etc. before then.

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